I have a carrot farm with only carrots. I want my farmer to grow only carrots, but he randomly plants beetroot and wheat. Why/how is is villager doing this? There have to be only carrots.

I checked every single block and removed all plants which were not carrots and it was 100% a carrot farm, but some days later I found that 30% of my farm is beetroot and wheat again. Why?

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This is probably because the villager has wheat and beetroot seeds in his inventory. There are a few ways to solve this.

  1. Mine the false crops instead so he cant get the seeds. The villager will then plant the seeds in the empty farmland and if you continue this act he will eventually run out.

  2. If that doesn't work or if you don't have the time to do so kill the villager and get a new one.

Hope this helped!


Dabbingsdednow is right. My suggestion is to isolate a new villager, introduce him to the compactor so he becomes a new farmer. He is less likely to have anything in his inventory, so you can use him right away.

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