I was playing around with the /summon command, and I stumbled upon evocation fangs. I then typed in a command into a command block: /summon evocation_fangs sawblade ~~1~. This created a sort of sawblade: Image

Unfortunately, this saw-blade is quite loud! How do I mute the evocation fangs while keeping ambient sounds?


You can use the stopsound command.

stopsound @s mob.evocation_fangs.attack

🧰 The Command

The stopsound command can be utilized to, stop sounds. The syntax for this command in Bedrock Edition is:

stopsound <player> [sound]

While player is required, sound is optional, per DigMinecraft:

  • player is the name of the player (or a target selector) that you wish to stop the sound effect for.
  • sound is optional. It is the sound effect to stop. (See List of Sound Effect Names.)

🔊 Evocation Sounds

There are several sound effects related to evocation:

ID Sound
mob.evocation_fangs.attack sounds/mob/evocation_illager/fangs hostile
mob.evocation_illager.ambient sounds/mob/evocation_illager/idle1
mob.evocation_illager.cast_spell sounds/mob/evocation_illager/cast1
mob.evocation_illager.celebrate sounds/mob/evocation_illager/celebrate
sounds/mob/evocation_illager/idle2 –
mob.evocation_illager.death sounds/mob/evocation_illager/death1
mob.evocation_illager.hurt sounds/mob/evocation_illager/hurt1
mob.evocation_illager.prepare_attack sounds/mob/evocation_illager/prepare_attack1
mob.evocation_illager.prepare_summon sounds/mob/evocation_illager/prepare_summon
mob.evocation_illager.prepare_wololo sounds/mob/evocation_illager/prepare_wololo

The one you're interested in is mob.evocation_fangs.attack.

🔩 Setup

You'll need an additional command block, set to always repeat unconditionally, at a faster rate than your summoning command block. This additional command block should have it's command set to:

stopsound @a[r=5] mob.evocation_fangs.attack

This was my setup:

Screenshot of my setup in Minecraft.

You can remove the radius argument if you'd like, I just limited the command to all players in the immediate area.

📑 Final Note

Unfortunately, chaining the command block isn't fast enough as the sound effect has enough time to trigger before the secondary command block. While it will muffle the sound, it won't eradicate it unless it's a separate command block with a faster rate than the summoning.

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    Thanks! It works partially; there seems to be a weird clicking noise, but it can barely be heard. I will still mark this as accepted. Again, thank you! Sep 15 at 1:24

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