In the Prelude Third level (Double Down) there is a rock wall that I cannot pass through.

Large Rock Wall

When I touch it an 'insufficient firepower' "error" appears on the screen.

How do I get past this point?

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This Video shows the player using a shotgun to blow down the wall. The right click option for the shotgun should fire an explosive:

Press 'Right Mouse Button' to fire an explosive.

They appear to have obtained the shotgun just prior to this by taking down the boss in its first phase.

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    Completely missed the boss room on this level my first time around. Turns out you can also get the shotgun in a secret encounter on the previous level. Sep 24, 2021 at 2:59

The game will teach you this later, when you get the shotgun (5-10 minutes from this wall, I think? Don't really remember), but essentially: cracked walls can only be blown open by the shotgun's secondary fire (be it the default launcher mod or the pump mod; although you need to punch the bullets when doing this with the pump mod).

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