What is the command to summon a zombie on a zombie horse?

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There is no single command to accomplish this task in Bedrock Edition 1. However, with that in mind, it can be done with multiple commands.

Note: This answer assumes you're aware of how the summon and ride commands work.

Summoning Jockeys

The summon command can only be used to summon specific jockeys 1 which does not include a zombie jockey:

Only some jockeys can be summoned via commands: Skeleton Trap and a Ravager being rode by an Evoker, Pillager or a Vindicator.

Note: This quote has been paraphrased for the sake of brevity. For more complete information, please check the wiki article on summoning jockeys.

Break it Down

To accomplish your desired result, you'll need to summon a zombie horse, followed by a zombie, then finally execute a ride command targeted at the two:

summon zombie_horse
summon zombie
ride @e[type=zombie,r=5] start_riding @e[type=zombie_horse,r=5] teleport_rider

Screenshot of the results of the command.

1: As of 20 SEP 2021.


Im sorry but this doesn't work in bedrock edition. In Java it would be /summon zombie_horse ~ ~1 ~ {Passengers:[{id:zombie}]} but you can't use this command in bedrock.

See this links for more:

Again I'm sorry that there is no way to do this but I hope, I could help you with the links
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In mcpe jockeys are created through events with /summon or /event(check wiki for advanced and updated help, but just put it after the entity specifier) , as these events only allow for vanilla jockeys this can't exist. I will update if find an addon solution or if this is changed

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