When I start the Minecraft Java Edition launcher and load completed, the GNOME desktop crashes. I tried it over 6 times, but it still crashes.
I need to solve this problem to play Minecraft on GNU/Linux with GNOME desktop.

  • This sounds more like it may be some Ubuntu/Gnome bug you should maybe report to the Ubuntu bugtracker since it is the desktop itself crashing. Any logs you have from this happening would be helpful to pin it down further. Sep 22 at 6:11
  • Could you provide more info on the situation of the crash? Like crash logs, software versions etc. (mainly Java version, Linux version, GNOME version and any relevant crash logs). These may prove useful to diagnosing the issue. Sep 22 at 17:30

If you are using a unmodified version of ubuntu distro, make sure your drivers are all functional and up to date because I had mimecraft java working flawlessly on ubuntu before and there shouldn't be any software incompatibility.

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