I need to export the scoreboard data of a Minecraft world onto a string, JSON or TXT file.

I would be able to get the data from the savefile of the game but I haven't figured out where exactly is scoreboard stored.

I also tried using Minecraft Scripting API but I don't know how to access the exact scoreboard info without commands.

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You can find the scoreboard information in the Access database file included in your world data. This can be found at the following directory:


Where USERPATH is your unique user path (typically something like C:\Users\MyName) and WORLD_STRING is your world's unique string; for example, mine was vTJOYTT5AAA=. Once you have this directory open, it should look something like this:

Screenshot of file explorer.

If you have Microsoft Access, you can use the file 000005 here that is of type Microsoft Access ..., the exact file extension is .ldb. However, since I don't, I'll use the 000004 text document; just keep in mind that some of the data is incomprehensible:

Screenshot of the text document.

For this answer, I created a test objective and made it's display name "Tester" to make it easier to find:

Screenshot of the found display name.

However, even the data surrounding it is rather incomprehensible, so I'll leave it to you to dive through the data for what you need.

Good luck!


You can use PHP-NBT-Decoder-Encode to decode the data for your scoreboard.

You will find the Scoreboard data in you worlds-folder in data/scoreboard.dat.

With PHP-NBT-Decoder-Encode you can open this file to get the data with php e.g. using this code:

  $nbt = new nbt();   

  // Print all data as php-array

  // Print as Json
  $output = json_encode($nbt->root, JSON_PRETTY_PRINT | JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES);
  echo str_replace("},", "},".PHP_EOL, $output);

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