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I am hosting a minecraft server and I am able to connect to it using (localhost) but I can not connect to it publicly by using my public IP even though the 25565 port is forwarded, the minecraft server and javaaw is allowed through the firewall, I get the error io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information (MY PUBLIC IP)"

Edit: figured out how to fix this, see comment

  • bedrock

I have the exact same problem when trying to host a bedrock server (can't connect to server). once again I am able to connect locally using ( the 19132 port is also open

Update: I found out through some research that it relies on Xbox thing and going into settings, gaming, Xbox networking, my nat says teredo is unable to qualify and server connectivity says blocked, I have not been able to fix this despite microsoft's help

- Very interestingly, people were able to join my server when I was running the android version through an emulator and using adb (adb connect localhost:5555) info on which here and here if you are curious

I have spent countless hours on trying to figure this out but at this point I am stuck, please help, thank you


I figured it out for java, you need to put in your local ip address in the server.properties text file in ip address, so like ( I do not know why this is but this allows people to connect to your public IP, to join your own server however you need to type in your local IP

So to join on your machine, use local ip, for someone to join you, give them your external ip

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