I want to be able to teleport a player to a set location, and then back to the spot they were at, sort of like a /back command? I want to teleport everyone to an event area in the Nether, and then back to where they were so they can continue playing without interruption to location. All I've got so far is that I'd need to use either entities to teleport to or scoreboards to save location as a score, but I'm a bit slow and honestly just have no clue how either works and how to do it.

  • Are you ok with answers that use Datapacks? Datapacks are just a txt you'll put inside the world's folder. If not, i do have a command block friendly version. They both work almost identical, the datapack is just faster and have a few test to avoid mistakes from the player when using "/startevent" or "/back" Oct 8 at 1:39

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