I'm new to redstone devices and I'm trying to make a sugar cane farm. I already solved some problems I had with the Observer and powered rails but not I just need to fix one more issue.

My Minecart with Hopper is not collecting items when it passes by them. Please see image:

Sugar cane farm with auto moving collecting cart

Any help how to solve this ?

I have Minecraft Bedrock edition v1.17.34

  • It looks like your minecart runs in front of the blocks where the sugarcane is planted? Idk if this is how it HAS to be, but whenever I use a minecart with a hopper I always have the track run under the blocks where the sugarcane is planted. It can pick up objects through a block. Im not really sure it can pick them up the way you have it.
    – Kyle Rone
    Oct 12 at 18:54
  • Yes, at the moment is running right in front of the grass blocks. I tried underneath also and it didn't work either! :( Oct 12 at 20:25

A hopper minecart cannot collect items that are on the rail. You’ll need to have the items fall in from the top, like so:

Like this

With the result of:

with this outcome

Hope this helped!

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