I have been 30 block away on my farm in Minecraft Bedrock because my simulation distance is in 4, I did that because the tutorial said so, but he said I can use any solid block for Enderman to spawn, so I used smooth stone (because it looked kinds cool) and they don't spawn in, I tried replacing it with the end block, and worked.

Is this a bug?

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  • That makes sense, so I'd say yes. Slabs are spawnproof, but not smooth stone, just their slabs.
    – Orrinpants
    2 days ago
  • 2
    – Ben
    2 days ago

An Enderman can spawn on any solid surface that has at least three empty spaces above at light level 7 or less. They are the only mob that spawns in all 3 dimensions.

Just like all other mobs, Endermen need to spawn on a solid, opaque block. You can pave an area with half-slabs, stairs, or glass, among other things, to prevent them from spawning there.

Here is a list of spawnproof blocks, and Smooth Stone is not listed.

  • 2
    A small observation: bottom half-slabs are spawn proof, but top half-slabs are able to spawn mobs just like any regular block.
    – AJPerez
    2 days ago

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