I have a Windows VM that I connect to using RDP. Gaming over RDP mostly works, but there are some limitations - games have to run windowed, and in some FPS-es (e.g. Halo Reach) that means mouse capture doesn't work properly.

So what I do in those cases is:

tscon <connection id> /password:<my password> /dest:console

This turns the RDP session into a console session, and disconnects the RDP session, which in turn enables the Steam client on my Linux workstation to connect and stream games from my Windows VM via Steam streaming.

So far so good, this works great.

Unfortunately, this results in Steam streaming having no sound. Sound works fine when gaming over RDP, but over Steam streaming there is no sound at all. Selecting Steam streaming audio output in the games that have such a setting makes no difference.

The Windows VM has two real audio devices:

  1. Emulated ICH6 audio
  2. Nvidia GeForce HDMI audio (from the Nvidia card connected to the VM via PCI passthrough)

Has anyone got any idea what is going on or how to investigate further? My best guess is that switching a RDP session to a console after Steam is running results in something that results in audio still afterwards going to the now disconnected RDP audio socket, but I have no way how I could prove this or work around it.

I know that Steam was never intended to run in a RDP session, but the fact is that I got very painlessly to the point where it does work just fine, I just need to figure out a way to get sound to work when doing Steam streaming.


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