I really searched it before on web. I can't get to the 3rd level in Cathedral (Master's Lair). All the solutions I found were from a very old thread in No Mutants Allowed. Nothing worked for me and the last one I tried corrupted all my savegames. There was nothing I could do. I watched the ending from Youtube.

I know there are people who finished in XP without a problem. I want to give it another try if it will work. I am done with that stupid thread. It's 6 years old they kept merging it with every useless solution possible. If somebody here solved it , please explain how you did it with details. If you didn't have a problem, explain if you did something after installation.

  • I patched the game to 1.1 before I started playing so it may be the whole problem. v1.0 may have a gameplay without any problems, I don't know.
  • Entering area with too many items. I reloaded to an older save and entered area with less than 10 items, it didn't work.
  • Using this fix. It corrupted all of my savegames. Thanks a lot
  • Patching game to 1.2 after problem, didn't help too.

I hope it doesn't get closed, actually I am so desperate I had to take my chance. I took a quick look at FAQ, nothing is restricted about fixing bugs.

Additional info: Same problem happens on military base. I ended up playing Cathedral before there. I tried my luck there after learning about it, I managed to get in without a crash one time, yet there were times it crashed the same way.


I started a new game with the patches that corrupted my saves (1.2 and fix and maybe an unoffical patch). I made my way to Master's Lair after getting a level (needed for picking the door) and area loaded. So I'm giving it another try, I will post the result.

  • Are you running the original version of Fallout, or the GoG version? – Michael Herold Jul 30 '10 at 1:57
  • Original version – user1560 Jul 30 '10 at 5:39

I finished it. Didn't do more than what I wrote down in question so I'm not sure which is the solution. Probably it was the fix that corrupted my savegame.

Just in case I left all my companions before Base or Master(except Dogmeat,he died while passing force fields). I didn't have more then 10 items. It didn't crash even once. It can be done.

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