I want to add a bossbar to one of the boss mobs in my map. But I'm working in 1.12.2.

1.13 has a /bossbar command, but this is a later version than the one I am working in. How can I make my custom bossbar in 1.12?


Bossbars did not exist in 1.12−. What you have to do is (ab)use an existing mob that already has built-in bossbar.

You can use the Wither if you want a red bossbar, or the Ender Dragon if you want a purple bossbar. Unfortunately those are the only colours you may select.

You can add the tags {NoAI: 1b, Silent: 1b} to stop your mob from disturbing your gameplay.

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    That is true since /entitydata existed in that version. Forgot about that. Oct 25 '21 at 5:05

You can spawn a wither and rename it with a nametag and a anvil, it should work.

I also suggest you do it under ground in a bedrock box.

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There's a way to do bossbars with color codes, but with a command which you need to place and then activate, the command is:

/setblock ~ ~ ~ standing_sign 0 replace {Text1: "{\"text\":\"Rechtsklick!\"}",Text2: "{\"text\":\"\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:command_block 0 replace {Command:\\\"say \\u00A7aTest\\u00A7cTest\\u00A77Test\\\"}\"}}"}

In the command it will then show "§", but it will be invisible.
In 1.12.2 you can use that command to rename the Wither and make it a colourful bossbar, but you can't change the bossbar color itself.


Unfortunately you can’t use bossbars in that version. The best you can do is summon a Wither and rename it.

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