In Minecraft, I have seen videos in which mobs are completely still, not even budging a pixel when attacked.

I think this is possible via commands

How do I do this?


Use the data value NoAI:1 to keep a mob from moving by itself. For example, the following command will summon a Zombie that will not move by itself.

/summon zombie ~ ~1 ~ {NoAI:1}

Generated from digminecraft.com.

Note: this was a Java Edition command. I have no idea if it will work in Education Edition. I do hope it does, I suggest you try it and find out. Let me know if it doesn't work.

  • 1
    bedrock only supports spawn event
    – Coder2195
    Nov 4 at 22:17
  • I know (from the Minecraft wiki). However, I saw on my server host that education edition is an option, so I didn't know if it applied to Java Edition.
    – AdamRaichu
    Nov 4 at 23:44

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