As said, each time I try to install Minecraft (Java Edition) through the official newest version of the installer on my laptop, it just shows me this error code. I cannot find any information about it online, and Microsoft's helping team didn't help at all.

I already tried reinstalling the installer, I finished all of the possible update of my PC but nothing works.

It always says:

"Verify that you are connected" "Then retry to update. We were unable to update windows. (0x80131509)"

  • Can't answer because I don't have enough reputation, so just download minecraft for Windows 7 and install. It will work. cheers Commented Nov 6, 2021 at 15:53
  • Using microsoft store upgrade worked! Commented Nov 25, 2021 at 18:37

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Open the Microsoft Store and make sure that you are signed in to your Microsoft account. Then, download all upgrades. The problem is not your Windows version but a component of Windows.

  • Microsoft store upgrade for Minecraft worked! Commented Nov 25, 2021 at 18:38
  • This worked for me. I merely installed two xbox related updates from the store, then it worked.
    – neuhaus
    Commented Nov 30, 2021 at 20:28
  • This is the only thing that worked for me, thanks.
    – Julian L
    Commented Dec 12, 2021 at 4:34

Taken from: MS Windows Forums

Even though you say your Windows is updated to the latest version, if you're getting the error 0x80131509 then it's highly likely you aren't running the latest Windows 10 build.

The latest build is version 1903 (OS Build 18362.175). Are you running this? To check, you can either type winver into the Windows search box or, hold down the Windows key and tap R on your keyboard. In the Run box, type winver and press enter.

If you're not running Windows version 1903 try this:

  • Try running Windows update from Windows Settings → Update and Security.

  • If that doesn't work, you can update via the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Download the Tool and save it somewhere like your Windows Desktop. Double click on program to run it. Choose 'Upgrade this PC now' and follow the onscreen instructions.

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    I am running the 21h1 version (OS build 19043.1320), and even after trying to update with the method you proposed, my PC stays in 21h1. Do you have any other way i could avoice the problem ?
    – HiddenRune
    Commented Nov 3, 2021 at 13:25

For those of whom updating Windows didn't work, download Minecraft for Windows 7. That will run.

  • 1
    How does one do this? Is this even an option considering Windows 7 is EOLed?
    – Timmy Jim
    Commented Nov 12, 2021 at 15:18
  • Windows 10 is doing some extra checks which are failing. Technically there wouldn't be much difference between the both (windows 7 and 10). Commented Nov 13, 2021 at 3:13
  • The Minecraft website doesn't make this an easy link to find, guiding you somewere else where it isn't listed, but the page with the Windows 7 MSI installer is here: minecraft.net/en-us/download (Using this is what eventually worked for me, after upgrading everything and failing.)
    – wu-lee
    Commented Dec 17, 2021 at 8:39

Mojang's Official Support Twitter has made a post (or rather retweeted one by their status account) about issues with Java users that own Game Pass not being able to use the game:

We’re aware that Game Pass members cannot yet access Minecraft Java Edition! We’re working on getting a resolution in place and will update soon.

From what I've researched, they released a new launcher and it seems to have some issues on their end. You will have to wait for them to release a fix unfortunately. The Mojang Status account made a post saying it should be fixed, but it does not appear to be for a number of users (see twitter replies chain).

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