So i'm making this world with lots of commands and when a trident hits the ground, it makes a cow named bob spawn. and when an arrow hits the ground, it gives a diamond. two is not enough for my next idea so i was wondering if it's possible to make it so that it only works if the trident that's named touches the ground. So like, let's say there is a trident. when it hits the ground it spawns a cow named bob. well im wanting a trident that is called trident2 to give you a netherite ingot. I want it to be this command:

/execute at @e[type=trident,nbt={inGround:1b}] run give @p netherite_ingot

but instead the trident is called trident2. is this possible?

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If you want to target and entity with a specific nbt, have that entity somewhere and run

/data get entity <your entity>

And look where the info is hidden. With the trident, we can see the name is stored in


And so, the nbt structure we want is


Thus, our final command will look like this:

/execute at @e[type=trident,nbt={inGround:1b,Trident:{tag:{display:{Name:'{"text":"trident2"}'}}}}] run give @p netherite_ingot
/execute as @e[type=trident,nbt={inGround:1b,Trident:{tag:{display:{Name:'{"text":"trident2"}'}}}}] run kill @s
  • is there a way to kill the trident when it is in the ground? Nov 7, 2021 at 15:53
  • Yes, added to the answer. All you had to do is exexute as instead of at and change what is after run to kill @s
    – BunnyMerz
    Nov 7, 2021 at 20:31

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