I've seen the following thread:

How can I play Minecraft through a proxy server?

But I'm running Linux and I don't have a Minecraft jar file. I only have a binary file that is under the /usr/bin directory that is a standard binary and won't work with Java. How can I proxy Minecraft on Linux?

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The new Minecraft launcher is not a Java app on Windows or Linux.

You will have to either use the old launcher (doesn't work with Microsoft Accounts, but I did create a private patch for that), or a launcher that supports proxies like, MultiMC (I know I keep recommending it, but it fixes many problems with Mojang's launcher).

Simply find the proxy option in the settings.

Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to the game. I cannot test this as I don't have a proxy server, but you could try adding the arguments to the game's Java arguments.

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