The games tells me that energy shield receives a bonus from telekinesis. But it does not say anything about the bonus. What bonus does energy shield get from telekinesis?

When I play with the Character Planner, I can not see any difference either.

This is energy shield level 20 with telekinesis level 1.

character planner

And this is enery shield level 20 with telekinesis level 20.

character planner

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Telekinesis gives synergy to:

Energy Shield: reduces Mana lost per point of Life by 0.0625 per level

Users of Energy Shield will probably find themselves maxing out Telekinesis for its unwritten synergy: each point into Telekinesis makes the points of Mana lost per damage ratio of Energy Shield 0.0625 more effective.
16 points are needed in Telekinesis to make 1 point of damage consume 1 point of Mana, down from 2.

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