I have 2 extra philter of the phantom potions from a quest that make me appear spectral for 30 seconds. Are there any practical uses for this? Can I use it to scare other people for some benefit or use it to walk by undead safely?

Also, is it possible to make more?

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The potion seems to be a cosmetic and nothing more. I have yet not discovered any use for it, other than making you look fancy.

Regarding your question if making more is possible; No, or as far as I have explored the alchemy possibilities, I haven't found an option to do so. The only way to obtain some are by killing Wyndelius in the Shroud Hearth Barrow.

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  • where did you get the potion? you can use it for talk to the headless horseman
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Any crimes you commit while in Spectral form will not go towards your bounty, so you can break the law without punishment.


As to your second question...

I am unsure whether this is intended or a bug/glitch, but he seems to restock the potion if you are able to pickpocket and walk away safely. However, you might need high levels of sneak and few brief invisibility potions.

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Well I haven't found a mod that makes the potion brewable at an alchemy table. But took a similar interested and looked for enchantments that might do the same. Here's what I came up with.

playerenchantobject (ObjectID) (Spectral Effect) (Howl of Fear)

playerenchantobject 000877B1 00103647 000CF797

000CF796 : Werewolf Fear Howl 1 (HowlWerewolfFearEffect1)
000CF797 : Werewolf Fear Howl 2 (HowlWerewolfFearEffect2)
000CF798 : Werewolf Fear Howl 3 (HowlWerewolfFearEffect3)

The object itself can be anything you wear in the game, or any ring for that matter. I went for a Silver Ruby one myself. But I admit to being a little stuck about spells that make people flee in terror when they simply see you. The Werewolf effect is the best I could find that isn't spit out as invalid in the console.

I'm open if anyone knows an enchantment ID for people going hostile and running level confidence.


i just leave with the stuff and wait 2 weeks then go grab another


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