I've already stumbled upon some similar threads, but none on version 1.17. So my issue is, I want to make custom items (sword, armors…) with custom attributes. I tried copy/pasting some commands, but none worked. It keeps telling me that the item name is unknown, here's an example of command :

/give @p diamond_sword{Unbreakable:1,AttributeModifiers:[{Slot:"mainhand", AttributeName:"generic.attack_damage", Amount:100000.0, UUID:[I; -1, -1, -1, -1]},{Slot:"mainhand", AttributeName:"generic.movement_speed", Amount:1, UUID:[I; -1, -1, -1, -1]}]} 1

It's from a tutorial for Minecraft 1.16.5, so I suppose that it does not work the same in 1.17.1.


Firstly, that's not /attribute, that's /give, you're using attribute modifiers. The command should work, or at the very least not say the item name is unknown - it sounds like you've got a plugin here that's using the old /give syntax. What happens if you use /minecraft:give @p ... instead?

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  • Yes it was because of a plugin using it's own /give, so the /minecraft:give work fine. Thanks for the answer.
    – Althoris
    Nov 22 '21 at 21:29
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    – Hacker
    Nov 27 '21 at 17:30

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