I'm trying to figure out how to stream GameCube Games on my steam link, and I'm not having much luck.

So far I have tried using LaunchBox, and adding it to steam manually, but once the emulator loads, I cannot control the game with the gamepad.

I've also tried RetroArch for steam, but it does not officially support GC, so I manually added it. It works when I play directly on my computer, but when I try to stream it on steam link, it either doesn't load, or crashes immediately (I cannot tell).

I've also tried using the stand alone RetroArch, and adding it manually to my library, it behaves the same exact way. What's interesting is if I try an emulation officially supported by RetroArch on steam (like SNES for example), it works exactly as you would expect.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stream emulators to my TV? It doesn't have to be steam link, that just seems to be the most reliable device in general for me.


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