I've been playing Final Fantasy Legend III for the gameboy recently. I'm trying to work out how the game chooses the levels of the enemies it places.

In general the enemies come in different 'classes'. Each class has a different graphic, so for example there's one that looks like a starfish, and it can have many different names, including 'Starfish' and 'Pentagon'. As far as I can see, Pentagon is a higher level version of Starfish.

So, now imagine I go into a dungeon. It seems to me that each dungeon can select between a certain set of classes, for example maybe it'll have dragons and fireballs but no witches. What I can't work out is, will the game always place the same level enemy of this type in each dungeon? Or do the enemy levels increase as my character's levels increase?

I'm also confused about the overworld enemies; they definitely keep getting stronger but I can't work out if they get stronger as I do, or in response to game events. Then it's difficult to know whether it's worth leveling up a little to make a certain dungeon easier, or whether leveling won't help and I need to try a different tactic.

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