Can a player be teleported to given location in Vanilla SMP?

Yes, I know /tp can teleport a player to another one, that's not what I'm after.



As of Minecraft 1.3.1 exact coordinates can be given as arguments to /tp, for example:

/tp @p 35 64 128
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    Relative coordinates can be given by prefixing a number with ~. – Kevin Reid Jan 19 '13 at 19:06
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To add on to what fredley said in his answer, you can specify a yaw and pitch (in degrees) as fourth and fifth arguments to the tp command. Further, you can prepend the tilde character (~) to any of the parameters to use positions or rotations relative to their current values.

See the wiki article for more information.


There is no way to do that with just a vanilla server. See here for the list of all commands.

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