I have been playing Minecraft for years and have an ok understanding of the command system inhabiting it. What troubles me the most recently revolves around the command initiator.

As we all know @s refers to the entity who called the command, otherwise known as the initiator. It appears to me that commands are most often issued by entities, and there are exceptions. One of the imminent examples is Command Block. Command Blocks are definitely not entities, but they can initiate commands at their own location, although they cannot be referred back to using @s.

Another thing is that when the game runs a data pack, I imagine that the lines of commands would be added to the gameplay loop. So is it that the system initiated the command? Can I /execute as the system? I know that scheduled commands are run by no entities therefore it presumably is run by the system. Finally, in a server, you can enter console commands outside the game. Are these commands all run by the system?

In general, is it that the commands initiated by server consoles, command blocks, or a data pack are executed directly by the system instead of any entities in the game?


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