According to this post, your race and gender create a ratio that affects melee damage, run speed, and jump height.

Aside from listed racial abilities and starting skills, is anything else in the game affected by your race/gender combo?

For reference, the linked chart:

Argonian Male: 1.01          Argonian Female: 1.00
Breton Male:   1.00          Breton Female:   0.95
Dark Elf Male: 1.00          Dark Elf Female: 1.00
High Elf Male: 1.08          High Elf Female: 1.08
Imperial Male: 1.00          Imperial Female: 1.00
Khajiit Male:  1.00          Khajiit Female:  0.95
Nord Male:     1.03          Nord Female:     1.03
Orc Male:      1.04          Orc Female:      1.04
Redguard Male: 1.00          Redguard Female: 1.00
Wood Elf Male: 0.98          Wood Elf Female: 1.00

Edit: It seems race/gender also affect a character's weight, but it's unknown what effect weight has on the game.


At this time, there are no other known differences (other than cosmetic things like how people address you). Of course, a week ago we didn't know about the scaling differences either. But until someone proves me wrong, nothing else is different.

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    scaling differences? – George Stocker Dec 1 '11 at 20:17
  • @George Take a look at the post linked in the original question. – bwarner Dec 1 '11 at 21:35

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