I recently got a new computer for Christmas and I already transferred the game and everything to my new PC and I can play Minecraft Java edition although it still wants me to buy Minecraft when I got to minecraft.net. I'm trying to change my name but it says I need to buy Minecraft to change my name, what do I do?

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    Are you sure you have logged in on minecraft.net?
    – Halesy
    Dec 31 '21 at 7:45
  • Note the website is notorious for not remembering logins and serving it in the wrong language.
    – aytimothy
    Jan 1 at 16:38

Here are some things to check:

  • Double-check you are logging in to the same Microsoft account you used to migrate your Mojang account.
  • Make sure you are not logging in with your Mojang account. Migrated accounts will only be able to log in with your Microsoft account.
  • If you forgot which email you used to create your Microsoft account for migration you will need to speak with Microsoft support to recover the email address used to sign-up.
  • You may not have completed your migration, please go to your Mojang account profile page and start the migration again.

Source: Microsoft Account Issues and FAQ

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