In 1.18.1 is the mob generation different for my mob farms? Like different from 1.16 and 1.18


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Apparently, no.

According to 1.18.1 Minecraft changelog, changes were applied to fog:

World fog now starts further away from the player, to make distant terrain more visible.
Instead of applying fog as a spherical volume, it is now applied as a cylindrical volume.

And of course, several bugs were fixed. But nothing regarding mob spawn.

Latest version to change mobs spawn was 1.18:

  • Axolotls can now only spawn in the water above clay blocks in lush cave biomes.
  • Cod, dolphins, pufferfish, salmon, squid, and tropical fish will only spawn in water between height levels Y=50 and Y=64. However, these creatures can spawn in lush cave biomes' water at any height.
  • Drowned zombies can now spawn in dripstone cave biomes and warm ocean biomes.
  • Pillagers can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Foxes can now spawn on podzol, snow, and coarse dirt blocks.
  • Glow squids now only spawn in water blocks under the height level Y=30.
  • Goats may now only spawn in snowy slope, jagged peaks, and snowy peak mountain biomes.
  • Rabbits can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Wolves can now spawn on snow blocks.
  • Hostile mobs now spawn only in areas where the block light level is equal to zero.

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