I've been playing FIFA 2022 on a Nintendo Switch, for many months, the game and console are updated to the latest version, I have a Nintendo subscription and inside the game, I am able to access other online functions but matching people online has become a nightmare

Here is an example of the last 10 attempts to connect only 2 were successful (see in the image how Nick does not even appear on the list, is because there were actually more attempts between Nick and Michel):

screenshot of image described above


Whenever I try to play online season after finding a rival it says:

  • Invalid Squad Templates (your templates don't match the other player)

  • Connection lost to rival, please start a new search

Things I have tried

  • trying to play at different times of the day
  • moving closer to the WIFI
  • closing the game and reopening
  • reinstalling the game
  • moving the game from SD card to internal memory
  • going to PROFILE/ERASE and erase all info including Squad Templates
  • downloading new Squad Templates

I have asked the same on the EA Question website and after 1 month there is not a single answer.

What can be happening? How can I solve this? What other information do you need to help me find the solution for this?

Here is my network test from Cloudflare: network test from Cloudflare screenshot I have considered stopping playing this game since career mode and offline games get boring.

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    You mention moving closer to your Wi-Fi. Have you tried playing it in docked mode using a wired connection (via USB 3.0 to ethernet adapter)?
    – Leo S.
    Jan 18 at 7:27
  • I did not know that wired mode was possible in that way, my switch is in docked mode less than 3 ft away from modem, the thing is that I was able to play for many months using the same WIFI, same ISP at the same distance. I have removed the game because last night in 1.5 hours was able to play just 1 online game and have also asked for a 50% refund (probably not getting it). If I re-install the game I will try your suggestion - thanks Jan 18 at 14:03
  • @LeoS. - The USB/LAN adapter that I have does not seem compatible, Don't plan on buying one just for this tests - wpri.com/reviews/br/electronics-br/gaming-accessories-br/… Jan 18 at 21:29

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