I am playing Final Fantasy 8 Remaster on a PS4, and am trying to abolish and / or add certain rules from the various locations.

I am looking at a GameFAQ guide which claims to be updated for the remaster version of the game, but either I am misunderstanding something, or the RNG mechanics work differently from what the game claims.

A concrete example, where I want to abolish the "Elemental" rule from Dollet:

  1. I go to the pub there, make a save, close the game and reopen it, which according to the guide should bring the seed to 1.
  2. I then challenge the pub owner to a game twice. Each time he asks to mix rules, and I know that the Queen of Cards is in Dollet. This should increase the seed by 2x3, bringing it to 7.

Looking up this seed in the table provided seems to indicate that "Elemental" should be banished from Dollet, since the abolish-value for the seed is above 128. However, no such thing happens.

Does anyone here have any idea where I'm going wrong, is RNG manipulation no longer a thing in the PS4 version of the game, or is the guide simply mistaken?

Any help would be appreciated, as Triple Triad can be quite fun - if only you can get the right ruleset!

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    People adding random rules to the game was a nightmare.
    – pinckerman
    Jan 25, 2022 at 13:59


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