I had a BXR-Battler rifle drop for me and it has the Rangefinder perk on it. Initially it seemed like a reasonable roll.

BXR-55 Battler with Rangefinder perk

However the frame perk is all about hip-fire.

Customized frame with dramatically increased accuracy, stability and targeting while hip firing.

Where as Rangefinder is all about 'aiming', which I assume is aiming down sights.

Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification.

Do these two perks work in opposition? So when I ADS (aim down sights) with it, I will lose it's frame perk and vice versa?

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I posed this question to the folks over on the LowSodiumDestiny sub-reddit and they have confirmed my suspicions.

Yes when you ADS is when rangefinder will work but not the intrinsic perk. When you hip fire the intrinsic perk will work but not rangefinder.

It doesn’t work against each other as having rangefinder on this weapon will be beneficial for when you ads. So you will have great hip fire because of the intrinsic perk and solid range when you ads.

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