There's several strawberries that can be collected in the hidden mini-game Celeste Classic on the Pico-8 terminal.

Does collecting all of them count toward the level strawberry count? Or is the mini-game completely irrelevant to the game stats except for Xbox/PS4 achievements?

I'm playing on a Switch, so it feels like a lot of work for no actual reward (except the personal satisfaction of getting to the summit).

  • A Google search returns this and this among others, so no they don't count. Commented Feb 8, 2022 at 12:11
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The strawberries inside the PICO-8 mini-game don't count for any achievement. And for that matter, the game might not even keep track of how many you collect.

So the PICO-8 mini-game is irrelevant to your global number of strawberries. Beating it only counts for its own achievement of beating it. (Note: the achievements are only on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, but not Switch that has no achievements as of February 2022).


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