In the game Yeah Bunny for Android, there is an achievement called Red Alert, which requires you to beat the first boss. But after I beat the first boss, I got the achievement for beating the third boss. I thought that if I beat the third boss, I would get the achievement for beating the first boss, but I didn't. I have now gotten all the achievements except Red Alert. I have tried replaying the stage where you beat the first boss, but I still didn't get the achievement. So, what should I do? Is that achievement just glitched?

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I want to preface that I am not familiar with the game. However, looking at the Yeah Bunny! achievement percentage completed, it is falling in line with other glitched achievements in other games. One of the things that demonstrate this is that the complete third boss achievement has a higher completion than the first boss achievement even though in most games it is typically the first boss that is beaten first.

What I would recommend is to either contact the devs, on the dev's website website he lists his email as [email protected]. I would recommend starting there.

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