I am busy exploring an island and visited my Stronghold to collect some finished tasks and set new ones going.

Whilst I was there I had a quest to turn in to an NPC in Luterra, but when I checked the map all the Triports were greyed out, and I was unable to travel.

I had to use the Song of Escape to go back to the island from my Stronghold.

Why can't I Triport back to Luterra any more? Do I have to sail back there?

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You cannot instantly triport between separate island continents. You can teleport between "continents" that are connected on the same landmass.

If the lands are disconnected by the water, your options are:

  • Sail there
  • Use a bifrost teleport that you left on the other continent. (Has a cooldown for setting a bifrost point and using it)
  • Use a song teleport that you set on a main city (Luterra Castle has one but it has a cooldown) Note: You can only have one of these set

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