The Sorceress is players', including myself, most frequent go-to character when starting out a new ladder, mainly because of the character's ability to teleport, making it able to magic find (mf) faster. It also has a great skill tree and good end-game potential.

For people trying to mix things up in the upcoming 2.4 ladder, considering all the balance changes that will come into play, what would be the best alternative character/build if the goal is to either forge your own Enigma or trade for one?

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Currently the Assassin is the next-best class, followed by Paladin/Amazon/Druid.

considering all the balance changes

This, on the other hand, is unknowable until the balance changes are actually live.

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  • @AmyB I did summarize the link content. Assassin is the next-best class, followed by Paladin/Amazon/Druid.
    – Allure
    Feb 15 at 15:26
  • this seems to be purely from a speedrunning perspective though. Not sure if it helps me with my end goal, if so, can you explain how?
    – Traceur
    Feb 15 at 22:16

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