A Pokémon's entry in the Pokédex is considered complete once you reach Research Level 10. However, there are usually several unfinished tasks left after a Pokemon's research is "complete".

Is there a reason to keep completing a Pokémon's research tasks after its Pokédex entry has been completed?

Bibarel Pokédex entry

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Yes, there are multiple benefits to completing all research tasks.

Shiny Chances

By perfecting the research, you get a huge boost to encounter a shiny for that species. The shiny rate becomes a base 1/1024(Source) chance for standard encounters rather than 1/4096, along with other factors to further increase it


As Joe stated in their answer, performing the tasks to perfect a Pokémon's research will continue to grant research points to achieve 10 Stars in the Galaxy Team Rank. Brade also mentioned in a comment that simply achieving rank 10 for each Pokémon was not enough to reach 10 stars, so continuing (albeit not necessarily perfecting) these tasks is required to reach max rank.


As Pinckerman stated in their answer, the Pokéball icon that appears next to the Pokémon in the Pokédex turns to a shiny Pokéball.


In addition to Wondercricket's excellent reason, you also continue to get Research points towards your Pokédex Rank, which increases your ability to control Pokémon. Getting to 10 Stars is very difficult (it requires as many points as level 1-9 combined) and is much easier to do if you Perfect the easier Pokémon.

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    In addition to this, you actually cannot reach 10 stars with just level 10 research on every pokemon. I had gotten level 10 for the whole pokedex and still needed roughly another 5000-6000 points to actually reach 10 stars. So if they are easy, definitely do them!
    – Brade
    Commented Feb 23, 2022 at 2:57

Following @Wondercricket's answer, the Pokedex itself gives you a hint on what happens completing a "Perfect entry", since the classic Pokeball icon becomes this:

shiny Pokeball

The "perfect" icon shows sparkles resembling the animation of a Shiny Pokemon.

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    Actually I was implying you do the opposite: Explain to people what the sparkling of the pokebal actually hints at, but hide that under a spoiler if you believe that knowing so would spoil something.
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