Whenever I find another player's lost satchel I'm awarded Merit Points. The amount of points I earn is different for each satchel. What determines how many Merit Points a lost satchel is worth?

A lost satchel

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Lost Satchels are worth 50 Merit Points plus 2.5 points (rounded down) for each type of item in the satchel.

I created a spreadsheet documenting the number of items, item type, location, and Merit Points for 30 lost satchels. Each satchel was worth at least 50 Merit Points with an extra 2 or 3 points for each item type. So for example:

  • 1 item = 52 Merit Points
  • 2 items = 55 Merit Points
  • 3 items = 57 Merit Points
  • 4 items = 60 Merit Points

Satchel point amounts

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