I'm in Stormveil Castle on the westside where I've dropped down from the top to here. Is there a path which continues from here? I only see an illusionary ground which disappears when I drop down. Can't see anyway to continue. Illusionary ground

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    Is there a reason to assume there is a path? If so, can you edit your question to add that information?
    – Joachim
    Mar 3 at 18:47
  • @Joachim Games in the souls-series are notorious for having hidden/sneaky routes. There appears to be some sort of road with an arch/gate, so I think it's natural to assume there is a path. Since the OP "falls through the map" per se could mean they can't access that path from their current location Mar 3 at 19:27

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Landing on the illusionary ground and falling through it will make you survive the fall. But I think doing a ground attack was what killed me. So probably as long as you don't do a ground attack you should survive.


You can jump without problems, the illusory floor will not hurt you, and you will be able to reach a small secret area.

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