I want to learn the backstab enchantment via the console, but none of the items that have it can be disenchanted, so I can't simply spawn it in. How do I learn the enchantment directly? The code for the enchantment is ff15c.

Clarification: playerenchantobject is not the command I am looking for. I am asking how to learn enchants that cannot be disenchanted, I am not asking about how to enchant things via console. When you enchant from console, there are many things you cannot do, such as renaming the item, proper enchantment scaling, and adjusting the amount of charge a weapon has.

Second clarification: player.additem refid [enchantment id] is NOT the syntax of the command, please test the command before answering the question.


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Some background information to clarify the request (for users other than the OP): the few in-game items that feature the Backstab enchantment (like the Shrouded Gloves) cannot be disenchanted.
Even summoning items with this enchantment (e.g. playerenchantobject 261C1 ff15c to summon plain gloves "of Backstabbing") and trying to disenchant them doesn't work (the player receives the message "The enchantment on this item is already known").

And so the Backstab enchantment can't be learned through the console (unless there are commands that are currently unknown), but there are other ways.

  • The easiest way to solve the matter is to use a mod, like Learn Backstab Enchantment.
    The author mentions what they did in the related thread on the Nexusmods forum:

    All I did was literally remove the "cannot disenchant" flag from that piece of gear.

    It's easy to do the same yourself in the Creation Kit, but you'll still have to load an .esp to get the changes in-game, so you might as well download this one and save yourself some time. In the Creation Kit, open the object you'd like to be able to disenchant, and remove the MagicDisallowEnchanting keyword:

    Shrouded Gloves item in the Creation Kit, with the MagicDisallowEnchanting keyword highlighted

  • Another method is to use TES5Edit (or SSEEdit for the Special Edition of Skyrim) instead of the Creation Kit.
    Open TES5Edit, let it load everything up. Then fill in FormID D2843 for the Shrouded Gloves (or look for IDs of the other items here). After hitting Enter, and allowing SSEEdit to load the right item, you can see and edit its properties on the right side. To make changes, you first need to right-click the object, and select Copy as override (with overwriting) into...:

    enter image description here

    And create a new .esp file:

    enter image description here

    Look for the KWDA - Keywords header, and remove MagicDisallowEnchanting from the column underneath your newly created .esp file, so you'll end up with the following situation (yellow indicates a change, and the NULL Reference simply implies the keyword is gone):

    enter image description here

    Save, making sure your new file is selected in the pop-up menu:

    enter image description here

    Press OK. Load it up in Skyrim, and enter your game (I used the console command player.additem D2843 1 to add a pair of the gloves to my inventory). Et voilà:

    "You learned the Backstab enchantment" message in Skyrim

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