I am trying to make a mini-game on Minecraft bedrock. In the mini-game different blocks that you place activate different things, but when I tried using the red wool command it kept telling me there was an unexpected error.

The command is:

execute if -43 4 139 Minecraft:wool 14 run setblock -19 4 169 redstone_block replace

I tried everything I could, Minecraft:wool 14, Minecraft:red_wool, etc.

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This is an issue with the fact that you used a command that was created for Minecraft Java Edition, but you are attempting to run it on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The correct way to accomplish your task on Minecraft: Bedrock Edition would be to use the /testforblock command to test for the block's existence, then follow that with a chain, conditional command block which runs the desired command:

Impulse command block testforblock -43 4 139 wool 14
Chain command block, set to conditional setblock -19 4 169 redstone_block

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