I started playing Java Edition months ago after being a Bedrock player for so long. Since I'm new to Java, commands are still pretty fuzzy to me.

In this question, I'm trying to reaccomplish what I've done here from Bedrock Edition into Java. Why? I'm currently making the game there with a friend.

So if in Bedrock, it goes like this:

/execute @a[x=#,y=#,z=#,dx=0,dy=0,dz=0] ~ ~ ~ give @s []

There should be something similar in Java, but I can't properly configure the execute command there.

What would be the equivalent of that given command into Java? Do I need multiple commands to get it to work?

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The syntax of the execute command in Java edition is a little different to bedrock edition. You can read about it on the wiki here

This command should work for what you want.

execute as @a[x=<x>,y=<y>,z=<z>] run give @s minecraft:<item>

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