After following the guide in PCGamingWiki to enable EAX in Uru: Complete Chronicles (GOG edition) and adding DSOAL to the game folder I can still not hear any difference in game.

Since I've never played the game before I don't know exactly what effects to expect or where to expect it, but I was expecting some reverb on my footsteps while running around in the sandstone cave in the mushroom age.

How can I tell for sure whether it works or not? Is there a particular area (in early game) where I can expect e.g. reverb?

What I've done:

  • Installed the EAX fix
  • Copied DSOAL's dsound.dll and dsoal-aldrv.dll to the game folder
  • Also, before the above, installed the Official Beta Patch 1.1.4 which isn't directly related to audio (other than disabling DirectMusic)


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