I'm playing Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, and in the event "Women of History," the last challenge is to "Play a Regicide game." I know that a regicide game is a game in which you have a king that you need to keep safe, but how do I even start playing one? I have been looking through the various menus in the game, as well as tried to google how to just launch such a game, but I have had no luck.

How do I start playing a regicide game, so that I can check off this very mysterious challenge from the event? (I didn't think that the difficulty in this challenge would lie in figuring out how to use the game menus!)

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You want "Game Mode" drop down list in the Single PlayerSkirmish (or MultiplayerHost Game) screen. You will see a bunch of different game modes, Regicide is among them:

enter image description here

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