I'm making an MCBE behavior pack which adds kits via functions (functions are to be executed by command blocks). I want to make it so that the player doesn't have to equip armor; instead, it automatically slots the armor into the required places. I don't know any sort of command for that, and I can't find anything through Google.

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If your still interested the command /item replace would be the way to do it on java on bedrock I believe there's a /replace item command that would work similarly enter image description here

I have 4 command blocks to do this bottom command block: Impulse Unconditional Needs redstone

item replace entity @a armor.head with minecraft:leather_helmet

second command block: chain conditional always active

item replace entity @a armor.chest with minecraft:leather_chestplate

third command block: same as seccond

item replace entity @a armor.legs with minecraft:leather_leggings

fourth command block: same as second

item replace entity @a armor.head with minecraft:leather_boots

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