I have my .minecraft folder on a USB drive, but it's getting old to keep copying and pasting it into my root directory every time I want to play. It's nice keeping all my Minecraft files on a USB, but I would like to be able to run the entire game from the USB. It seems that Java always looks on my PC's program/app data files even if I run the Minecraft launcher from the USB. Is there a way to change Java's default root directory to a USB?

I am using a Linux Mint.

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You might want to check out symbolic links. I use them to keep my saves linked between my linux and windows partitions. Basically, you make the .minecraft folder on your system's drive link to the .minecraft folder on your USB drive.

ln -s /your/usb/drive/.minecraft /your/hard/drive/.minecraft

To force overwrite the destination folder, use -sf instead of -s

I don't know if there's actually a way to change the minecraft installation directory, but this should provide a good workaround.

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