Elder Scrolls Morrowind is included in the Xbox 360 backwards compatible list, yet when I insert my Xbox Morrowind disk into my Xbox 360 (2008 Pro 60 GB HDD), I get this error "X 58085.0 B 1884.0" and it will not play.

I have read online that some people fixed this by hooking up to Xbox Live and updating their system, but some still could not play it even after all the necessary updates. I have never updated my 360 before, but does updating it even make it work? Or is something like this needed instead/in addition to updating?

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Some original Xbox games are only compatible on the Xbox 360 with software updates. Your error code seems to indicate that your system does not have a recent enough update to play Morrowind. Updating normally via the internet should solve your issue.

The webpage you linked provides an alternate way to update your system if you cannot connect the Xbox 360 to the internet directly. However, that webpage does not provide a recent update. The page you linked contains an update from December 2007.

  • Do you have any personal experience with the update working for Morrowind? Or any links for additional information? I'm just asking because I have seen so much conflicting information online.
    – Enwater
    May 5, 2022 at 13:34

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