I've had Minecraft for the longest time and have NEVER had this problem. I've done everything I've seen others do, I've uninstalled and reinstalled Minecraft, I've changed my skin in Minecraft main site but still nothing. My launcher and the Minecraft site both say it's changed and is being used, but when I load up a world it converts back to Alex, or Steve. This is making me really frustrated and I would like any help I can get.

I use a MacBook. My launcher for Minecraft is up to date to it's in 1.18.2, and I just don't know what to do anymore.

  • Have you tried waiting? (Or clearing your cache?)
    – aytimothy
    May 4 at 10:55
  • @aytimothy I have nothing has worked so far May 4 at 22:43
  • are you connected to the internet when you load up the world?
    – Esther
    May 11 at 14:15
  • @Esther yes I am I really don't know what to do May 19 at 1:24

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Head to a third-party Minecraft skin website like Minecraft Skins and download the skin you’d like to apply to your character. Make a note of where the downloaded file is stored (usually the Downloads folder). Head to the Minecraft website. Click the Menu icon and select Profile to log in with the account associated with Minecraft on your PC. Click the Browse button, select the file you downloaded earlier and click Open. Click Save to upload your custom skin.

  • I have that's how I've been getting my skins, and that's how I've been applying them, I download them from Minecraft skins the skindex one, I always have and I've tried a different one to and nothing May 19 at 1:27

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