I want to figure out how to increment a player's health without writing 225 lines of Datapack code. I cannot find any way to do this. I've tried :

execute at @a run execute unless score @p custHealth matches 1 run attribute @p generic.max_health base set Health @p 

but that does not work.

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Try this command (amplifier is no. of hearts)

/effect give @a health_boost <duration> <amplifier>

Or for permanent use:

/attribute @a minecraft:generic.max_health base set 2

In this case 2 means 1 heart, so you enter e.g. 60 for 30 hearts.

  • so the first command doesnt work, the syntax is wrong. the second command does not answer my question
    – 2wen
    May 31 at 15:17

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