I am currently hosting a private Minecraft 1.18.2 Craftbukkit Server on an Unraid Docker (MineOS). Everything works fine, players can connect to the server and rejoin anytime (no apparent problems with firewall/port forwarding).

The problem is, that once I join the server with my local PC client (same network), once a player disconnects and tries to rejoin or join the first time, he times out Connection timed out: no further information (the console doesn't show a connection attempt). I can still connect from my local network from any device but no one else can. I tried the same with my laptop and the problem didn't emerge. The console doesn't show anything suspicious, I restarted both my PC and the Server multiple times, checked the firewall/ports and cleared my player data.

Does anyone have a clue what´s going on here? Is my PC somehow interfering with the connection to the Server?



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