I've tried so many things to get this to work so: I'm trying to make this Minecraft map where one of the objectives is to collect a bunch of a renamed item, specifically raw gold, I want to rename them Starpieces.

Now I know you can summon non-named items just fine, I have a tree that drops bread when you press the button for it. I'm sure there is a collection of NBT tags that can rename the raw gold to Starpieces (and the bread to something else) but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to work.

Again, I'm trying to summon 1 raw gold, at specific coordinates that's been renamed to Starpiece.

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CustomName tag is shown in death messages and villager trading interface. By renaming raw gold on anvil and viewing its entitydata, I've noticed tag NBT-tag inside the Item.


Exactly this one appears at the player's inventory, therefore the final command is:

/summon item ~ ~ ~ {Item: {id: "minecraft:raw_gold", Count: 1, tag: {display: {Name: '{"text":"Starpiece"}'}}}}

  • thank you so very much, the wording on the minecraft wiki is just confusing and I just couldn't get it to happen, the closest I had gotten was to spawn the unnamed raw gold. I have saved this command for future use, and again thank you very much Jun 13 at 1:28
  • Very good observations! I commend you for taking this path to find out the right answer. Good job! For more information, CustomName is a tag used for entities, whereas display.Name is a tag used for items. Jun 23 at 3:53

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