I've been trying to get the text from the lore of the item in the main hand and store it as a score value:

execute as @p store result score @s kC run data get entity @s SelectedItem.tag.display.Lore ...

But I have no idea how to continue the path to get the text as an output

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I've found a solution to the problem by developing more steps:

  1. As the text in the lore comes from a scoreboard value, I stored the score as an impossible enchantment for the item (a stick in my case), so that existing ones don't get overwritten, using the item modifier set_enchantments.

  2. Copy-paste the enchantment level in a custom tag (Durability in my case), using the item modifier: copy_nbt ("source": "SelectedItem.tag.Enchantments.[{id:\"minecraft:Your_enchantment\"}].lvl") ("target":"Your custom Tag"), using replace as the operation.

  3. Remove the enchantment to prevent the unwanted glint on the item by using the item modifier set_enchantments, setting the enchantment level to 0.

And this is all so that you can then access the value stored in the item with the path SelectedItem.tag.YourCustomTag.

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